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Adasya Denim Textile Industry and Trade Limited Company is a company established in Bursa Vişne Trade Industrial Zone in 2018. With a staff specialized in line with denim fabric, it offers a wide range of high quality denim fabrics with client preferences focused unrivaled products, special solution for clients needs, fast shipping, effective price policy and high customer satisfaction.

Adasya Denim is a modern and integrated facility that can provide expectation and needs of theirs clients and related partners by prioritize theirs quality in productions processes in the best way.

Adasya Denim is a fabric manufacturing facility that continuously follows innovatives in the sector with its high-tech machines and can respond to the needs as soon as possible.

Our company offers the best quality products to clients from domestic and international market with its rich collections. In addition to sales and marketing of denim fabric, it is constantly improving itself in the domestic and international market with product range and innovations. In line with our vision, mission, principles and targets, it takes firm steps forward and continues to be a pioneering organization in the fields in which it operates.

Adasya Denim is reputed as one of the most technological and the highest quality denim fabric manufacturers producing beyond international standards by making no concessions to the human dignity, workers’ rights and safety, and the ecological sustainability. Here is our achievements and standards that make our company’s reputation as indicated;

  • Adasya Denim has 300.000 square meters total area in Adana Organized Industrial Zone in Turkey, established in 2016.

  • Currently, with running 328 looms Picanol Optimax I (acquired in 2018), our company is one of the largest integrated textile corporations of Turkey.

  • Around 4.000.000 meters highest quality fabric in a month has been produced by our assembly lines with %98 quality rate in terms of denim fabric; moreover, we have numerous references from companies with excellent reputations in the world market.

  • Our fabrics’ weight ranges between 4,5 - 15 oz. Thanks to our new high-tech yarn facility, we are able to produce more variations depending on our customers’ requests. Our fabrics blends are mostly cotton, polyester, modal, dual core, rayon, viscose, tencel, cottonpoly and elastane; what is more, we are able to meet the orders from bamboo, jute, flax, and hemp.

  • Adasya Denim offers expertise with wide range of high-quality denim fabrics, fast delivery, and effective price policies; we provide customer-focused unrivalled products, services tailored to our clients’ specific needs and high customer satisfaction owing to our young and dynamic team.

Our website might help you to visualize our high quality, innovative, individuated product range and see certificates that we have obtained.

Our Vision
Textile Industry;
To be a leader in the world market,
To make the regions we are active as the center of the textile sector,

Our Mission
While we are manufacturing in accordance with international standards in our facilities with integrated and modern technology, adding values ​​to the people who constitute the society by adopting the principles of quality, sustainability, work health and safety,

Our Values
Customer focus,
Employee loyalty,
Occupational Health and Safety,

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